Symposium on Geometry Processing 2020

Call for Papers

Call for papers

The Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP) is the premier venue for disseminating new research ideas and cutting-edge results in geometry processing. In this research area, concepts from mathematics, computer science, and engineering are studied and applied to offer new insights and to design efficient algorithms for acquisition, modeling, analysis, manipulation, simulation, 3D printing, and other types of processing of 3D models and shape collections.

We invite submissions related to, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Acquisition and reconstruction
  • Analysis and design for fabrication
  • Architectural and industrial geometry
  • Computational geometric design
  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing
  • Data-driven geometry processing
  • Discrete differential geometry
  • Exploration of shape collections
  • Geometry and topology representations
  • Geometry compression
  • Geometric data sorting, clustering, and visualization
  • Geometric deep learning
  • Geometry processing applications
  • Interactive techniques for shape design and editing
  • Isogeometric analysis
  • Machine learning in geometry
  • Mesh editing and deformation
  • Meshing and remeshing
  • Modeling for 3D printing
  • Multiresolution modeling and subdivision meshes
  • Procedural geometric modeling
  • Processing of big geometric datasets
  • Shape analysis and synthesis
  • Simulation and animation
  • Smoothing and denoising
  • Surface and volume parameterization


The SGP proceedings appear as a regular issue of Computer Graphics Forum (CGForum), the International Journal of the EUROGRAPHICS Association. The journal status of the proceedings requires a two-stage review process with conditional acceptance after the first round and final acceptance based on the revised submissions. CGForum (Print ISSN: 0167-7055; Online ISSN: 1467-8659) is the official journal of Eurographics, published in cooperation with Wiley-Blackwell, and is one of the leading journals for researchers, developers and users of Computer Graphics in both commercial and academic environment. It has one of the highest impact factors in the field, and it is indexed by all major databases; the electronic version is also accessible from the EG Digital Library .


Paper submissions are electronic and done via the Submission and Review Management (SRMv2) system:

Awards and Recognitions

SGP 2020 will attribute three best paper awards, a software award recognizing the authors of an open-source software that has greatly influenced the field, and a data set award designed to acknowledge the suppliers of high quality datasets used in geometry processing. In addition, SGP provides papers with the reproducibility stamp to recognize the effort of researchers who, in addition to publishing their paper at SGP 2020, provide a complete open-source implementation of their algorithm.