Symposium on Geometry Processing 2020



Due to the COVID-19 situation, SGP this year will be held in a combined offline and online virtual form. The videos for paper talks and summer school lectures will be available by 2 July 2020 in our dedicated YouTube channel. You can also leave comments and questions in the videos. Between 6 and 8 July 2020 we will have a virtual conference, comprising Live keynotes, screening of paper talks, Q&A sessions, ceremonies and, for the first time, a town-hall meeting. During The Q&A sessions the chairs will also collect and ask questions that were raised within the video comments.

Online Conference Schedule

13 GMT = 14 BST (British summer time) = 15 CET (Central European time) = 09 ET (East coast time) = 06 PT (Pacific time).

Time (GMT)Monday 6 July
13:30–14:00Opening Ceremony
14:00–15:00Live Keynote: Benjamin Dillenburger
15:00–15:30Virtual Break
15:30–15:45School Q&A: Computational optimal transport
15:45–16:00School Q&A: Fabrication-aware Design
16:00–16:15School Q&A: The functional representation of 3D shapes
16:15–16:30School Q&A: Deep Learning for Geometric Data
16:30–17:00Virtual Break
17:00–18:00Live Keynote: Dragomir Anguelov
18:00–18:30Virtual Break
18:30–18:45School Q&A: Discrete Curvatures
18:45–19:00School Q&A: PDE and Spectral Approaches
19:00–19:15School Q&A: Geometric Computing
19:15–19:45Virtual Break
19:45–20:45SGP Townhall Meeting
Time (GMT)Tuesday 7 July
13:00–15:00Paper session: Computational Geometry & Fabrication
15:00–15:30Virtual Break
15:30–17:30Paper session: Discrete Differential Geometry
17:30–18:00Virtual Break
18:00–19:00Live keynote: Alla Sheffer
19:00–19:30Virtual Break
19:30–21:30Paper session: Deformation
Time (GMT)Wednesday 8 July
13:00–14:00Live keynote: Maks Ovsjanikov
14:00–14:30Virtual Break
14:30–16:00Paper session: Meshing
16:00–16:20Virtual Break
16:20–17:50Paper session: Surface Reconstruction
17:50–18:10Virtual Break
18:10–19:40Paper session: Optimization
19:40–20:00Virtual Break
20:00–21:30Paper session: Machine Learning & Shape Analysis
21:30–22:00Closing Ceremony

Paper Sessions

Computational Geometry and Fabrication (Tuesday, 13:00-15:00 GMT)

Chair: Pooran Memari


Half-Space Power Diagrams and Discrete Surface Offsets

Zhen Chen; Daniele Panozzo and Jeremie Dumas

Medial Axis Isoperimetric Profiles

Zhang, Paul; Deford, Daryl and Solomon, Justin

Fabricable 3D-QR-Codes with Directional Light

Peng, Hao; Liu, Peiqing; Lin, Lu; Sharf, Andrei; Liu, Lin; Lischinski, Dani and Chen, Baoquan

Approximating Isosurfaces by Guaranteed-Quality Triangular Meshes

Hass, Joel and Trnkova, Maria

Discrete Differential Geometry (Tuesday, 15:30-17:30 GMT)

Chair: Julie Digne


Interpolated Corrected Curvature Measures for Polygonal Surfaces

Lachaud, Jacques-Olivier; Romon, Pascal; Thibert, Boris and Coeurjolly, David

Laplace Operators for Tetrahedral Meshes

Alexa, Marc; Herholz, Philipp; Kohlbrenner, Max and Sorkine-Hornung, Olga

A Discrete Laplacian for Non-Manifold Triangulations

Sharp, Nicholas and Crane, Keenan

A Simple Discretization of the Vector Dirichlet Energy

Stein, Oded; Wardetzky, Max; Jacobson, Alec and Grinspun, Eitan

Deformation (Tuesday, 19:30-21:30 GMT)

Chair: Philipp Herholz


Sparse Data Driven Mesh Deformation

Lin Gao, Yu-Kun Lai, Jie Yang, Ling-Xiao Zhang, Shihong Xia and Leif Kobbelt

Interactive Sculpting of Digital Faces Using an Anatomical Modeling Paradigm

Gruber, Aurel; Fratarcangeli, Marco; Zoss, Gaspard; Cattaneo, Roman; Beeler, Thabo; Gross, Markus and Bradley, Derek

A Parametric Analysis of Discrete Hamiltonian Functional Maps

Postolache, Emilian; Fumero, Marco; Cosmo, Luca and Rodola, Emanuele

Nonlinear Deformation Synthesis via Sparse Principal Geodesic Analysis

Sassen, Josua; Hildebrandt, Klaus and Rumpf, Martin

Meshing (Wednesday, 14:30-16:00 GMT)

Chair: Xifeng Gao


Hexahedral Quality Evaluation via SOS Relaxations

Marschner, Zoë; Palmer, David; Zhang, Paul and Solomon, Justin

Integer-Grid Sketch Simplification and Vectorization

Stanko, Tibor; Bessmeltsev, Mikhail; Bommes, David and Bousseau, Adrien

Cost Minimizing Local Anisotropic Quad Mesh Refinement

Lyon, Max; Bommes, David and Kobbelt, Leif

Surface Reconstruction (Wednesday, 16:20-17:50 GMT)

Chair: Manolis Savva


Poisson Surface Reconstruction with Envelope Constraints

Kazhdan, Misha; Rusinkiewicz, Szymon; Chuang, Ming and Hoppe, Hugues

Learning Part Boundaries from 3D Point Clouds

Loizou, Marios; Averkiou, Melinos and Kalogerakis, Evangelos

Topology-Aware Surface Reconstruction for Point Clouds

Gabrielsson, Rickard Brüel; Ganapathi-Subramanian, Vignesh; Skraba, Primoz and Leonidas J. Guibas

Optimization (Wednesday, 18:10-19:40 GMT)

Chair: Edward Chien


Adaptive Block Coordinate Descent for Distortion Optimization

Naitsat, Alexander; Zhu, Yufeng and Zeevi, Yehoshua Y.

EGGS: Sparsity-Specific Code Generation

Tang, Xuan; Schneider, Teseo; Kamil, Shoaib; Panda, Aurojit; Li, Jinyang and Panozzo, Daniele

Anderson Acceleration for Nonconvex ADMM Based on Douglas-Rachford Splitting

Ouyang, Wenqing; Peng, Yue; Yao, Yuxin; Zhang, Juyong and Deng, Bailin

Machine Learning and Analysis (Wednesday, 20:00-21:30 GMT)

Chair: Mirela Ben-Chen


DFR: Differentiable Function Rendering for Learning 3D Generation from images

Wu, Yunjie and Sun, Zhengxing

Generating Adversarial Surfaces via Band-Limited Perturbations

Mariani, Giorgio; Cosmo, Luca; Bronstein, Alex and Rodola, Emanuele

Consistent ZoomOut: Efficient Spectral Map Synchronization

Huang, Ruqi; Ren, Jing; Wonka, Peter and Ovsjanikov, Maks